----------- Our Values -----------

----- Our Values -----

Panificio San Francesco is a dynamic and efficient organization. Its production plants are located in Codevilla (PV) near to MILAN, while its heartquartres are in Milan.
Production is non-stop, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. The Panificio employs a workforrce of 50 Untis and supplies some of the best in class distribution chain in ong the italian market.
Dotata di un polo logistico all’avanguardia è in grado di distribuire capillarmente i prodotti nell’arco di 72 ore dal ricevimento dell’ordine in tutta europa.
Our advanced logistic organization and network can distrbiute produtcs throughout Europe within 72 hours from receipt for order.
Innovation, hight quality, production flexibilty and great focus on customer and market needs are the ingredients of the huge success achieved by Panificio San Francesco.
We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautifull and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction.

----------- Our Mission -----------

----- Our Mission -----

Our bakery, Panificio San Francesco S.p.A., aims its organizational, technical and motivational efforts at achieving and maintaining high levels of prodution quality, innovation and safety, for full customer satisfation.
Our main goal is to offer bread with “handmade” quality, taking advantage, of the technical and logistic advances or industrial production, at the same time payng a lot of attetion to our responsabily in terms of protecting the environment and guaranteeing the food chain.
Panificio San Francesco constantly focuses its efforts on promoting the involvement of all parties concerned temployess, institutions, customers and suppliers, and considers to be crucial for its further impreovement and developement the requests of its customers, intended as supermarket channel and Ho.re.ca as well as final consumers.

----------- Our History -----------

----- Our History -----

Panificio San Francesco started in 2005 as a distrubutor of pre-baked, deep-frozen, however, it soon developed a desire to create something tangible and to “do business”.
In 2008, after overcoming many difficolties and obstacles with great determination, the company Panificio San Francesco was founded by businessmen and professionals from differnte working sectors.
By sharing motivations and a bilief in the original project, they were able to combine creative intuition and a felling for business, thus creating a link between process-related technological innovation and a high level of automation at the production plant level, resulting in the hight quality productivity.
Today, Panificio San Francesco is a large-sized company that, despite its recente history, aims to lay foundations in orders to become eve stronger and expand its operations. Its goal is to provied a wider and sider range of quality, natural and healthy products, focus to costumer satisfaction, always and everywhere.