----------- Control of Production Processes -----------

----- Control of Production Processes -----

Making the product represents the “heart” of Panificio San Francesco and, as such, its goal is to obtain a product by focusing on its quality, meant as a technological aspect and as a management system, with the final aim of meetign customer requirements and needs, in compliance with laws and regulations in force.

Making a product while constantly focusing on its quality means that the main activity is checking and verifing production throung:

the procurement of raw materials with evalutaion of the suppliers

a definition of procedures and relevant personnel traing

the monitoring and recording of production data

the verification of activities and of critical control points

product safety throung reliable product inspection programmes

special attention to hygiene/sanitary standars concerning the prodcut and the company.

Safety and Quality

Security and quality deserve all the necessary time: our products are strictly monitored throughout the production process, from microbiological controls on raw materials and finished products, to verification of dimensional standards, to constant temperature monitoring. To ensure maximum security for customers, careful automated control over all production is carried out: before the single piece and then the sealed package.

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